Cyber Warfare: The Effects of Technological Advancements in Expanding the Concept of War and the Role of Non-state Actors and Individuals

Cite as: 57 ATENEO L.J. 1065 (2013)
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The concept of warfare is no exception to the significant changes that technological progress has brought. In this Article, the Authors examine the development of warfare throughout the modern age.

The Authors provide the readers with a background of what traditional warfare was like through a study of the treaties and other agreements between states on what should be the proper conduct of the belligerents.

In this day and age, however, the Authors observe and address the prolem that traditional warfare has been rendered obsolete particularly due to what is now being coined as “cyber warfare.”

The learned Authors analyze how cyber warfare has completely changed, literally and figuratively, the landscape on which wars are fought as well as the personalities of the belligerents. 

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