The History of Marriage Legislation in the Philippines

Cite as: 20 Ateneo L.J. 23 (1976)
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The History of Marriage Legislation in the Philippines

Samuel R. Wiley, S.J.

20 Ateneo L.J. 23 (1976)

Subject(s):        marriage legislation

Keyword(s):     marriage laws, marriage legislations

The Article traces the history of marriage legislations in the Philippines. It opens by giving a brief background on the status of women in our society and proceeds by analyzing the development of marriage laws, beginning from the Colonial Period. It then moves on by discussing the same during the American Regime and then proceeds by examining the marriage laws as enunciated in the New Civil Code of the Philippines. The discussion of this part includes the background of the civil law provisions, as provided by the commissioners themselves. It also examines the divergence of the provisions from the Spanish Code. The discussion and analysis of the marriage laws from one period to another also includes the influence that religions — Catholicism and Islam in particular — have on the development of the said laws. It also includes an in-depth discussion on the social changes in the family life of the people in the Philippine setting which then calls for the constant changes in the laws governing marriage.




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