Opinions of the Secretary of Justice

Cite as: 20 Ateneo L.J. 60 (1975)
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Opinions of the Secretary of Justice

20 Ateneo L.J. 60 (1975)

The following Opinions of the Secretary of Justice appear in this Issue:

(1)    Department of Justice, On the Appearance of a Private Prosecutor Before a Municipal Court, Opinion No. 90 (1975).

(2)    Department of Justice, On On Whether Provincial Attorneys and City Legal Officers May Represent Provincial and City Assesors in Hearings of Contested Assesment Cases Before the Provincial and City Board of Assestment Appeals Arising Under the Real Property Tax Code, Opinion No. 109 (1975).

(3)    Department of Justice, On Whether a Filipinos Who are Now American Citizens May Retire in the Philippines Without Losing Their American Citizenship, Opinion No. 139 (1975).

(4)    Department of Justice, On the Request of the United States Embassy to be Granted the Right to Examine Birth Records of Claimants for Social Security and Veterans Administration Benefits, Opinion No. 147 (1975).

(5)    Department of Justice, On the Status of Personnel of Participating Nation in the SEATCO Civic Action Exercise, Opinion No. 158 (1975).

(6)    Department of Justice, On Whether Corporations Are Within the Purview of Presidential Decree No. 713, Opinion No. 160 (1975).

(7)    Department of Justice, On Whether a Filipino Wife of An Alien Could Engage in the Retail Business on the Assumption that She Retains Her Philippine Citizenship, Opinion No. 173 (1975).

(8)    Department of Justice, On Questions Arising in the Implementation of Article 7 of Presidential Decree No. 603 or The Child and Youth Welfare Code, Opinion No. 192 (1975).

(9)    Department of Justice, On the Issuance of a Decree Defining the Rights of Dominant and Servient Estates With Reference to the Easement of Right-of-Way, Opinion No. 198 (1975).

(10)  Department of Justice, On Whether An Employee of the Bureau of Telecommunications May Be Compelled to Work on Saturdays Notwithstanding His Refusal To Do So On Account of His Religion, Opinion No. 203 (1975).

(11)  Department of Justice, On the Status of a Lot Purchased under Installment as a Philippine Citizen, the Last and Final Payment of Which is Due When American Citizenship was Already Acquired, Opinion No. 225 (1975).






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