The Proposed Official Information Act: A Balancing of Freedom and Authority

Cite as: 23 Ateneo L. J. 1 (1978)
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The Proposed Official Information Act: A Balancing of Freedom and Authority

Robin Rubinos

23 Ateneo L. J. 1 (1978)

Subject(s):        Political Law

Keyword(s):     Official Information Act, Freedom of Information, Freedom of Speech

The Article provides an extensive discussion on the proposed Official Information Act, with its main policy being geared toward the security of Constitutional rights of the citizens to be given free access to official information, without prejudice to limitations imposed by individual rights, public order and safety, national interest, and the defense of foreign relations. The Author notes that the Bill seeks to gain a balance between two Constitutional rights: the freedom of information and the freedom of speech and the press.  The Article explores the rights that such freedoms give on their own. After which, the Author attempts to look into the two rights and concludes that such provide a balance in according a harmonious outcome in applying them together. Attached at the end of the Article is the full text of Cabinet Bill No. 10, An Act to Ensure Public Access to Official Information, Subject to Certain Limitations.




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