Recent Labor Rulings of the NLRC

Cite as: 23 Ateneo L. J. 50 (1978)
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Recent Labor Rulings of the NLRC

Edgar O. Aricheta & Edgardo O. Parada

23 Ateneo L. J. 50 (1978)

The following are recent Labor Rulings of the NLRC:

(1)    Abandonment: Boribor v. Globe Paper Mills, NLRC Case No. 12215-77, July 1978.

(2)    Constructive Dismissal: Pavellon v. Silver Carrier & Services Inc., NLRC Case No. RB-111-302-76, November 22, 1977.

(3)    Dismissal; Breach of Trust: Davao Plywood Co. v. Batulan, NLRC Case No. 48-C-XI-76, January 13, 1978.

(4)    Dismissal of Managerial Employee: Bachoco v. St. Luke’s Hospital, NLRC Case No. RB-4152-76, May 22, 1978.

(5)    Employment Status: Olete v. Phil. Banking Corporation, NLRC Case No. RB-LV-12744-77, May 18, 1978.

(6)    Managerial Employee: Albano v. PCIB, NLRC Case No. RB-1V-3877-76, November 21, 1977.

(7)    Preventive Suspension; Engaging In Fisticuffs: Marcelo v. Ramirez Tire & Rubber Corp., NLRC Case No. RO4-6-5412-76, November 21, 1977.

(8)    Preventive Suspension; Sleeping While On Duty: Roman, Jr. v. Pacific Cement Co., Inc., STF ROX No. SNA-06076, November 21, 1977.

(9)    Wage Increases; Individual Plants’ Profit Not A Basis: Gonzalez v. SMC, NLRC Case No. RB-I-651-77, April 25, 1978.

(10) Weekly Rest Day: G. A. Machineries, Inc. v. Diamente, NLRC Case No. ROVII, November 22, 1977.




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