Book Review

Cite as: 27 Ateneo L.J. 73 (1982)
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Book Review

27 Ateneo L.J. 73 (1982)

John O. Honnold, Uniform Law for International Sales Under the 1980 United Nations Convention (1982). The Book contains a discussion on the Uniform Law For International Sales that was approved by 62 states during the 1980 United Nations Convention. The Author presents his discussion in two parts, namely, the Overview and the Commentary. The Overview provides for a general introduction on the matter, while the Commentary examines each of the 101 articles of the Convention. Furthermore, included as an attachment in the book is the text of the Convention itself. In sum, the value of the book lies in its ability to give valuable suggestions regarding the significance and applicability of the convention as a tool in improving the domestic law on sales.

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