The ASSO: An Abnormality in a Period of Normalcy

Cite as: 26 Ateneo L.J. 57 (1981)
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The ASSO: An Abnormality in a Period of Normalcy

Ernesto M. Hizon

26 Ateneo L.J. 57 (1981)

Subject(s):        Constitution

Keyword(s):     Civil Rights, Political Rights, Search and Seizure, Arrest

Because of the harsh historical background the Filipino people have experienced in the past, it cannot be doubted that they have developed a certain consciousness characterized by a high regard given to civil and political rights. In fact, such rights have been immortalized under the Constitution, which provides for sanctions in the event that these rights are violated.

Hence, it is but significant to look into how these rights have been viewed in the context of an independent Philippines. Specifically, it is necessary to look into how the right against unwarranted search and seizures has been trampled upon as evidenced by case jurisprudence. In this Comment, the Author analyzes the arrest, search and seizure order, and how it has been rendered normal and legal in a specific case despite the lack of legal basis for its operation. In the end, the Author warns of the dangers of possible intrusions to the people’s basic constitutional rights so long as they continuously accept such violations without question.




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