Labor Rulings of the NLRC

Cite as: 25 ATENEO L.J. 75 (1980)
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Summaries of the following rulings of the National Labor Relations Commission appear in this Issue:

(1)    Davao Port & General Transport Workers Union v. Bachelor Express Inc., NLRC Case No. 569-MC-XI 76, Oct. 16, 1979.

(2)    Dones v. Imperial Carpentry Shop, NLRC Case No. RB-W-21655-78-T, Nov. 29, 1979.

(3)    Trade Union of the Philippines and Allied Services v. Philippine Village Hotel, NLRC Case No. RB-IV-22-187-78, Nov. 5, 1979.

(4)    Fabino, et al., v. Standard Phil Fruit Corp., NLRC Case No. 122-ULP-XI-78, July 20, 1979.

(5)    Daraug, et al., v. Riverside Marketing Corp., NLRC Case No. RB-IV-8387-76, Oct. 16, 1979.

(6)    Rabino v. Standard Phil. Fruit Corp., NLRC Case No. 122-UCF-XI-70, Nov. 6, 1979,

(7)    Tobiagon, et al., v. Benguet Consolidated Inc., NLRC Case No. RB-I-C-1135-78, July 20, 1979.

(8)    ADLC v. BS Caramoan, NLRC Case No. RE-III-598-76, Oct. 19, 1979.

(9)    Parayno, Jr., v. Malleable Metal Industries, Inc., NLRC Case No. RB-IV-21395-78-T, Oct. 12, 1979.

(10) Tanedo v. Philippine American Timber Co., Inc., NLRC Case No. 7-1688, Oct. 4, 1979.

(11) Associated Workers Union v. Razon, Inc., NLRC Case No. RE-IV-19183-78-P, Oct. 19, 1979.

(12) Reynolds Phil. Corp. Free Workers Union v. Reynolds Phil. Corp., NLRC Case No. RE-IVO 20849-78 T, Nov. 16, 1979.

(13) Laforteza v. Phil. Rabbit Bus Line Inc., NLRC Case No. RB-IV-10765-77, Dec. 28, 1979.

(14) Paoay v. Mandarin Restaurant, NLRC Case No. RB-9-1018-78, Oct. 23, 1979.

(15) Baso v. Belen Pawnshop, NLRC Case No. 951-MC-XI-78, Nov. 16, 1979.

(16) Salcedo v. Amalgamated Electronics, NLRC Case No. RB-IV-10163-77, Oct. 19, 1979.

(17) Juntilla v. Sta. Ines Melale Forest Products Corp., NLRC Case No. RBX 386-78, Oct. 16, 1979.

(18) Grafilon v. Perez, NLRC Case No. 296-LR-XI-78, Oct. 26, 1979.

(19) Pinera v. Paredes, NLRC Case No. RB-IV-21204-78, Oct. 18, 1979.

(20) Ramones v. Philippine Knitting Mills, Inc., NLRC Case No. RB-IV-22263-78, Oct. 26, 1979.

Guidancen v. Benguet Consolidated Inc., NLRC Case No. BR-1-354-76, RD-16-BC. (Date not provided)




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