Current Issues and Emerging Policy Trends in Local Autonomy

Cite as: 46 Ateneo L.J. 1 (2001)
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Current Issues and Emerging Policy Trends in Local Autonomy

Alberto C. Agra

46 Ateneo L.J. 1 (2001)

Subject(s):        Local Government

Keyword(s):     fiscal autonomy, decentralization, local autonomy

The Essay presents an overview and discusses issues and trends in local autonomy, municipal governance, and decentralization. The Essay begins with a comparative framework of the administrative features of local governments and traces their historical roots in the Philippines.

The main discussion focuses on the extents and limits of local governmental powers as expressed in statutes and jurisprudence. The Author favors an expansionist and more independent role for local governments from central and unitary authorities. As local governments exist at the grassroots level, the Author describes them both as agents and stewards of the sovereign people in a locality.

Finally, the Author argues that local governments enjoy fiscal autonomy. 

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